We know cannabis. We face the same problems as others who work tirelessly to advance their businesses in this challenging, ever changing environment. We are experts in business process reengineering, software development and systems integration.  

GoGo Tools was created to address the need to maintain strict compliance to California regulations by ensuring you never use an outdated, revoked, cancelled, suspended or inactive license when creating critical documents like shipping manifests, invoices, purchase orders and other financial records. California cannabis businesses need access to accurate and timely licensee information so we work with all three California cannabis licensing agencies to keep our integrated database updated with the very latest licensee information. GoGo Tools goes even further to address the need for additional data like correct addresses, key contact names, phone numbers and other business entity info not provided by the state. All businesses need more time. GoGo Tools radically decrease time spent creating important documents, not only saving significant amounts of money, but also freeing up valuable resources for other tasks.